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Methods of Development

Methods of Development

You can place your order by simply filling out the online form along with all your needs, attach the sample file you want to be embroidered as is & leave the rest on us.We will start examining your embroidery digitising needs by working closely and start managing them.

Our Quality Control team will examine every single thing required by you.

After passing through the procedures, your digitised embroidered design is ready! Our quality assurance department will examine the outcome now & if it's up to the mark, we will send it to you via Email.

You may download it now, no need to pay anything yet, as your satisfaction is our pride! Download and check it on your own machines. If it looks good to let it be approved, if not you may ask for an edit.

Once you approve, your invoice would be updated & you would be asked to pay for it.

For any further queries regarding any matter, you can call us at +44 (0) 175 338 6614 or send us Email on

Design Editing Support

  • 1:If the design is digitised by us, then editing for quality improvement is free, until as many times as customer gets satisfied
  • 2:Editing in size and detail of design would be charged as:
    • If there is minor editing then £4 would be charged as a set-up fee
    • And for major editings like background addition or size increase, then the price would be based on stitch-difference plus a set-up fee of £4.
  • 3:Editing fee for downsizing/drag down would be decided by us
  • 4:If you need editing for a design which is digitised by someone else then you need to send us its EMB file. If you don’t have EMB file of design then this task would be considered as a new order and it would be charged according to the pricing policy of MARVEL DIGITISING.
  • 5:We delete all the digitised design after keeping a 1-year backup, for privacy reasons. If you want some editing in your 1-year-old design, then you need to send us EMB file for it, otherwise, it would also be considered as a new order.