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Vector ArtWork

With minimum vector nodes and no over-lapping cut lines.

We at Marvel Digitising can formulate your vector graphics differently contingent on your specific requirements. Tell us how you plan to use your

vector graphics

and we'll be ready accordingly. We can make a complete copy of the image, but in vector format so that it can be scaled to any size and still be of high quality. We can make vector drawings from your photos. Vector illustration can be made into complex colour illustrations or simple line drawings.

What type of file can be vectorized?

As long as we can see the image, we can vectorize it! Jpg, jpeg, gif, tiff, PSD, bmp, Png, doc, pdf, ppt, pub, pct and the like. We can also create vector files from scanned sketches - just send us your file by email, and we'll give you a quote.

How is vectorization done?

We manually draw in vector format by using an automated tracing tool or use a combination of both, produces the best result at the lowest price, or according to your instruction.

Why convert to vector?

Vector art is scalable - you can enlarge vector files of any size without losing quality. On the other hand, raster images are made of pixels that do not magnify without losing quality and often look pixelated when zoomed in.

Vector graphics

are not composed of pixels - they are based on mathematically calculated objects - their quality is unaffected when zoomed in.Our experts can convert even the poorest quality image screen shot, drawing, logo into high quality and precise vector format by recreating every subtle curve and detail using latest industry standard vector graphic software. We offer all major

vector file formats

as output files which are easily editable for any further enhancements or last minute changes. We offer described things:

  • Vinyl Printing

  • Screen or Manual Printing

  • Offset Printing

  • Digital Printing and much more

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